Frequently Asked Questions

  • Application Fee:

    There is a $25.00 Application Fee per Adult residing in one of our spaces. EVERY Adult residing in the unit must fill out a separate application.

    $25.00 of this fee is used to acquire a Credit report, Criminal and Civil court records, and the legwork involved in verifying employment and past landlord references. If you are a convicted Axe Murderer, please do not apply. An Application DOES NOT remove a unit from the Market. Every space is available until a non-refundable holding fee is placed down on the property to take it off the market.

    Once you are approved, you will receive a welcome email explaining how to set up your Tenant Portal to make online payments with your Checking Account. Your Ledger will be updated with a Holding Fee charge. Your space is not off the market until a $400 holding fee is paid. The only way to lock up the space you want is with a holding fee.

    That holding fee is used to secure the property until you sign your binding lease. It is absolutely credited to you, and becomes part of your move in costs upon lease signing. Should you be approved, and fail to move in for any reason, that holding fee is forfeit to compensate us for losses while holding your space off the market.

    If you would like to simply get Pre-Approved, and haven’t figured out the space that is right for you, come by the office and fill out a paper application. We can meet, figure out what you are looking for, and get you Pre-Approved. The cost of Pre-approval is $25.00 per person. Lots of people do this to get a jump on the competition. Once Pre-Approved, you can claim your dream space with a quick holding fee, staving off those trying to steal your home.


    We charge a $400 deposit. It starts out as a non-refundable Holding Fee, and converts into your refundable deposit, Paid in Full, once you sign your lease. Please understand that if you fall off the face of the earth without moving forward, and you never sign your lease, it is forfeit. I will take your deposit, and eat a metric ton of sushi on your dime, all the while lamenting that we didn't get the unit rented. If we take it off the market for you, and cannot rent to another who would have followed through, we take a loss. Our protection is the purpose of the Holding Fee. My gorging on sushi will minimally help to offset that painful loss. We only charge a $400 deposit on all our spaces.

    PLEASE, no really, PLEASE allow us to return your deposit in full. I want the space returned to me in the condition I gave it to you. Expect to have your deposit returned if you accomplish this simple request. I gave you a clean great space, return a clean great space to me. Replace your light bulbs, clean the stove, fridge, toilet, and tub and you are going to be looking at a good deposit return.

    State law gives the Landlord 45 days from legal possession to return a Security Deposit. We try and get them out quickly, and that is so much easier if you help in the move out process.


    We have four-legged family members running around our homes. I like pets, more importantly, I like responsible pet owners.

    Although countless Landlords to not allow pets, we do allow four-legged furry family members to reside with responsible pet owners. Our spaces are unique, and there can be different rules from property to property. Some basic guidelines for all spaces include:

    There is a one-time non-refundable $200.00 pet fee that must be paid PRIOR to acquiring a pet. This Fee covers a single Dog, or 2 Cats. Every pet beyond that is an additional $100.00 each. Additionally, a monthly pet fee of $20 will be charged for each pet. Unfortunately not every pet owner is responsible, and we have to deal with some of the problems associated with being one of the few downtown places that do allow pets. These pet fees cover some of those losses we experience, and continue to allow us to accept your furry family members.

    If you prove to be an irresponsible pet owner, your pet will leave our property. Depending on circumstances, you may or may not need to accompany them. There have honestly been times I wish I could have kept the great pet, and just removed the terrible pet owner.

    Cats must be fixed, and the litter box must never be on carpet or stained hard wood flooring. Tile flooring is a great place for it.

    We are more restrictive with dogs in upper spaces than we are in lower spaces. We have VERY few fenced yards, and do not allow dogs to be chained outside. Some buildings, like Sheridan Court and the Carnahan, do not accept Dogs, but we have tons of spaces that do.

    In almost every single case, you will need to walk your dog and clean up after him. Take a plastic bag with you. A yard full of "dog bombs" is disgusting and unhealthy. We demand that you pick up after your dog, not doing so is an evictable offense and we will happily call the Allen County Heath department ourselves to report exactly who needs to receive a fine from the government. Seriously, "dog bombs" everywhere is disgusting, clean up after your dog.

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